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Our group was formed in October 2018 by a small group of Queenstown Hill residents plus Phil Green from the Wye Creek trapping group who is kindly sharing his experience & expertise with us. We've had a few get togethers for training & setting out traps but mainly we all just check the traps now & again & email the group to keep everyone informed of predator kills.


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13 x Goodnature A12 traps - checked every week or two.

       4 x DOC 200 traps  - checked every week or two

       4 x Timms traps - on order & soon to be put out

Usage of area

Queenstown Hill is mainly accessed by the popular "Time Walk" walking track. This track is used frequently by both locals and visitors. It overlooks Lake Wakatipu and surrounds and once above the tree line has stunning panoramic views of our beautiful area.

Group objectives

Our group aims to help conserve the indigenous biodiversity of Queenstown Hill by identifying the types of predators threatening this and then trapping them.


Phil Green. Philgreen@gmail.com