The Queenstown Climbing Club is a grass-roots, local club that is committed to promoting Rock Climbing in the Wakatipu, maintaining and increasing public access to climbing areas, promoting safe climbing, sponsoring youth development and promoting conservation of the natural environment in the Wakatipu.

We first got involved in conservation around 2012 by replanting an area of native scrubland that was devastated by fires 10 years earlier, this work has continued with new plantings every year.

Following on from this and working with DOC we put in the first line of DOC 200 traps along the existing North Wye track to well above the bushline. This network has now been extended with an 2 additional lines as well as undertaking extensive monitoring of predators and undertaking summer bird counts. A small team of enthusiastic volunteers check the 80 odd predator traps monthly, undertake quarterly predator surveys using Chew Tab Cards and in summer months we also do 5 minute Bird Counts along the main track.


We have 79 traps on 4 distinct trapping lines, 3 running up the valley and one across the valley.  There are 6 monitoring lines using Chew Tab Cards and 1 Bird Count Line.  We are endeavouring to cover the entire forested area in the North Wye and for 1 km above the bushline.

Traps currently in place and frequency of checking

DOC200 43 @ Monthly or more frequent

Timms 10 " Monthly or more frequent

A12 12 @ Monthly or more frequent

A24 14 @ Monthly or more frequent 

Usage of area

Wye Creek rock is the jewel in the crown of Wakatipu Rock Climbing community and is very popular with locals and visitors. Also very popular is recreational walking, running, and hunting. A great 2 day trip is to hike through to Lake Alta near the Remarkables Ski Field with streams and alpine meadows to camp by enroute

Group objectives

One of our main objectives is to reduce rat and stoat numbers to near zero numbers within 3 years. We plan to do this by completing to full trap lines within the bush that run all the way to the upper bushline. This will be backed up by 2 additional lines running on the bush edge as a buffer zone. The Predator monitoring is our key tool for measuring this success and we believe implementing this early in the cycle has given us invaluable data to measure our results.

On top of trapping we have planted hundreds of native trees as well as hosting a few "weta hotels". 

Contact person/s and details:

Philip Green - Conservation Officer -
Estelle Poiron - Conservation Officer -
Wulf Solter - President -

Queenstown Climbing Club -


Bird Count volunteers are always appreciated.

We've got some of the toughest terrain around, steep & rocky with a long trap line up the valley behind the formidable Remarkables.  If you're walking through to Lake Alta or Mt Tuwhakaroria, get in touch and we'd appreciate rebaiting of the traps further up.