This group was formed in early 2016 and initially had 12 traps. In May 2016, several more traps were purchased from community donations and mid-year the Otago Corrections Facility donated the KPCA five more well-made box traps through the Dept. of Conservation. That brought the total box traps the group project now owns to 20.

A further 7 Timms traps used for possum control have been loaned to the group for several months now.


The groups traps are spaced out at roughly 150 metre gaps and stretch from the Kelvin Heights Golf Course along the Lake edge track towards Jacks Point for 3.5 Kms.

Traps currently in place and frequency of checking

DOC200 20 @ Fortnightly

Timms 7 @ Fortnightly

Usage of area

The Jacks Point walking track is part of the Wakatipu Basins walking and biking tracks trail system and serves as the artery for the KPCA’s trapping access. The surrounding countryside is mostly farmland and scrub, with bush covered DoC and Linz land through which the trail and trap line is placed.


Group objectives

The catch rate is showing signs of a lowering result which hopefully is the outcome from a very successful summer season of high catches. The catches are highest right now at the far end of the line where the predators are coming in from the as yet untrapped area. The KPCA and Jacks Point groups are now in discussion re the joining of each groups lines together and closing the 2 Km gap of untrapped area between their lines. In the last few weeks the groups have lodged a joint application to the Dept of Conservation for funds to purchase a further 20 traps to fill this gap. The management of this new area is to be shared equally between each of the community’s volunteer’s.

Contact person/s and details:

Colin Kelly. Ph 4418308



Not just at the moment but any extensions to the existing lines would require further help as it’s already a good commitment physically to manage.