Friend - Kererū/New Zealand pigeon.  Photo Credit: Brendon Doran

Friend - Kererū/New Zealand pigeon. Photo Credit: Brendon Doran

Foe - New Zealand Possum eating kererū egg.  Photo credit: Dept of Conservation.

Foe - New Zealand Possum eating kererū egg. Photo credit: Dept of Conservation.


What are Pests?

Pests are species that have been accidentally or intentionally introduced to New Zealand that threaten the health of our native ecosystems. Their presence can cause catastrophic effects on the native environment, including preying on and competing with native species, and spreading disease to an already vulnerable ecosystem.

The Wakatipu Wildlife Trust concentrates on eradicating possums, rats, mice, and stoats. In order to protect native species, humane trapping is the primary mode of predator control.

To learn more about pests, check out The Department of Conservation's excellent pest fact sheets (page 25). 

Native Birds, Plants, & Species at Risk

New Zealand's historical isolation from other land masses has resulted in some of the world's rarest and unique bird, reptilian and plant life. From the mischievous kea to the delightfully musical bellbird, these species regularly inspire wonder and are critical to New Zealand's magnificent natural environment. Unfortunately, due to their isolation from predators before pests were introduced, New Zealand species also lack the defense mechanisms to avoid predators, becoming easy prey for pests to devastating effect.

To learn more about New Zealand's incredible native animals, see these great guides from The Department of Conservation.

The Wakatipu Wildlife Trust is a collective of community environmental groups around the greater Lake Wakatipu area, working together towards creating a predator-free environment to enable our birds and other native wildlife to flourish. 

There are many ways to help - join us in the fight for the conservation of this beautiful ecosystem!


Volunteer Estelle setting a Good Nature trap in Wye Creek. Photo Credit: Phil Green

Volunteer Estelle setting a Good Nature trap in Wye Creek. Photo Credit: Phil Green


As a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on financial support from the public to continue and expand our wildlife restoration and conservation work. Every contribution (no matter how small) helps us do more! 

Your donation will help us realise the vision of a predator-free Wakatipu, flush with native birdsong and wildlife. Thank you for your contribution and support.

Donate Now

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Join A Group

Join an existing environmental group in your area! There are currently 31 community trapping and environment groups across Fernhill/Sunshine Bay, Bob's Cove, Closeburn Station, Kelvin Heights, Arrowtown, Wye Creek, Arthur's Point, Lake Hayes, Wakatipu High School, Wilson Bay, Jack's Point, Lakeside Estate, Drift Bay, Kingston, and Paradise. Get in touch at or via the contact info listed on each group page.

Trapping Resources

Predator Free NZ has created a great best practices guide, including what traps to use for rats, stoats, ferrets, and possums