In early 2016, Paul Griffin, a keen conservationist and one of the 27 Closeburn Station shareholders, proposed to the Board of Directors that a predator trapping program on the station be intensified. Like Paul, the Board which consists of volunteer shareholders, wanted to revive wildlife - especially native birds and their songs - on a well-wooded area of the property overlooking Lake Wakatipu. We also wanted to extend the area of trapping coverage by 1) cooperating with nearby like-minded community trapping groups, including those at Bob’s Cove/Bridle Track; and 2) by forming a charitable trust to attract wider community support and raise money for the expansion. This program has received widespread support from shareholders.


The Closeburn Station Board, in consultation with Paul and the local office of the Department of Conservation, developed a plan to place about 100 possum, stoat and rodent traps, mainly in and around the residential area of what is still a working High Country sheep and cattle station. Most of these traps are automated Good Nature possum and stoat/rodent set in pairs in close proximity. Nearly 50 of the traps are in an outer perimeter around the outside of the residential area, while a further 30 or so traps are in an inner perimeter inside the residential area. With DOC assistance, they were placed at strategic intervals using GPS positioning. The traps are checked roughly once a month by volunteer Closeburn residents and the results recorded on the trapnz website.

Traps currently in place and frequency of checking

Timms 24 @ Checked as needed

A12 36 @ Monthly

A24 36 @ Monthly

Several Feral Cat traps checked as needed


Usage of area

Recreation and grazing. Moke Lake is a popular spot for low-consequence camping for families over summer, with the safety of Queenstown just a short 10 minute drive away. Plenty of anglers try their luck in Moke Lake too.

Group objectives

First year - (achieved) to place the trap lines, record the results, and develop cooperative relationships with other community conservation groups in the Wakatipu basin.

3rd year - to consolidate and extend this program.


Contact person/s and details:

Closeburn Station representative on the WWT: Paul Griffin, Trustee/Treasurer email:
Closeburn Station Board contact: Michael Richardson email:



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