Pippa Speedy started this project over 3 years ago with just 3 traps. We now have over 60 traps plus all the traps on neighboring properties who are joining forces with our program. It was just Pippa organising it all but then as time went on and word spread we gained more local funds and interests to help with trap checks and monitoring. Bobs Cove Trappers now have some great local residents and volunteers on board to help with the endless task of trap checks, trap maintenance & construction and recording of all trap information to go onto the website.

We have 2 types of traps to date in our project – the A12-automated gas trap for possums & the DOC200 manually set trap for stoats, rats and the occasional mouse.

Our trap line runs from the back of Bobs Cove residents –Flight Park to the Bobs cove around the Bobs Cove lookout and now heading to 12 Mile. We also trap the Bridle trail. We have 18 Goodnature A12 traps and 32 DOC200 traps in total.

The dream was to trap Bobs Cove, the Bridal Trail and then connecting to 12 mile within the next year if we are granted some funding, eventually linking to our neighbours at Closeburn Station who have an extensive trapping program also. And the big dream is to trap the Mt Crichton/Sam Summers area in the next 3years but this will take a lot of funding and man power. We would love species to flourish and return to this area in an abundance such as kea, kakariki - the native parrot, gecko and bat species.

We believe the greatest myth that still exists today is that DOC traps all our local area so we have to make people aware that s is not the case and it is up to community groups to push for a predator free Wakatipu basin. We would like to create signage and donation boxes for all carparks in the Bobs Cove My Crichton area to bring awareness and insight to the trapping programs, of not only our project but the many within the Wakatipu Basin and the wider community of NZ. To give locals and visitors that connection and ability to be able to be a part with nature and its survival and regeneration with New Zealand

The most difficult thing is finding volunteers and keeping the momentum going. It is a long term project with many traps and areas to be filled with the dream and aspiration of becoming a predator free Bobs Cove.


Traps currently in place and frequency of checking

DOC200 32 @ Weekly

A12 18 @ Weekly

Usage of area

The Twelve Mile to Bob's Cove Track follows the shore of Lake Wakatipu. Lake views alter with meandering through native bush.

Budding geologists will delight in the ancient marine sediments found between Bob’s Cove – Picnic Point and Twelve Mile Creek. Fossils of oyster shells, other molluscs and algae can be found at Farry’s Beach.

Keep an eye out for summer’s red rata flowers around the lakeshore, Pittosporum and the large white flowered native clematis in spring.

Group objectives

Link to the Closeburn Station trapping network and eventually trap the Mt Crichton/Sam Summers area.

Contact person/s and details:

Bobs Cove Predator Control

Pippa Speedy - Ph: 0210779519



We're always after volunteers, drop us a line!